Boating Community Alert

Article written by Boaters of the Kennet and Avon British Waterways (BW) appears to be going ahead with local mooring strategies in other areas which it defines as ‘hotspots’ before the pilot local mooring strategy on the Kennet and Avon Canal has even been drawn up and implemented. As far as we know, these areas … Read more

Last updated Dec 9, 2010

New Toolkit from FFT

This guide is designed to help Gypsy Travellers come together to form Resident or Community groups. The toolkit is designed so that you can read those pages relevant to you rather than the whole document. – What are Residents groups and why are they useful? – Government Policies – Recognised resident’s associations – Setting up a group – Running … Read more

Last updated Nov 3, 2010

Government addresses Security of Tenure

Government issue statement that addresses Security of Tenure issue: . Friends, Families and Travellers response: We welcome the government’s intention to introduce security of tenure on local authority Gypsy sites, as they have been obliged to do this since the 2004 ruling in the European Court of Human Rights; so this has been awaited … Read more

Last updated Sep 8, 2010

Friends, Families and Travellers co-author EHRC report

Friends, Families and Travellers co-author Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report: ‘Inequalities experienced by Gypsy and Traveller communities: A review’, produced by Sarah Cemlyn (University of Bristol), Margaret Greenfields (Bucks New University) and Chris Whitwell, Zoe Matthews and Sally Burnett of Friends, Families and Travellers. Read more here.

Last updated Feb 15, 2018

My Big Fat Gypsy Fair

My Big Fat Gypsy Fair Filmed by Open Productions. The Cambridge Gypsy Fair was a resounding sucesses and Friends, Families and Travellers would like to congratulate the organiser Candy Sheridan on a wonderful, vibrant event that truely celebrated Gypsy Traveller Culture. Next Fair: 23rd and 24th October, Milton Country Park, Cambridge, A14. Horses and Wagons … Read more

Last updated Jan 22, 2009