Our Team

We have a professional team of staff who deliver our vision through outreach, advice and policy work, education and training, research and more. The work of our staff is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. At least half of our staff, interns and volunteers are Travellers.
FFT-team_W250-_0024_Sarah Mann

Sarah Mann

FFT-team_W250-_0023_Abbie Kirky

Abbie Kirkby

Policy and Public Affairs Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0022_Emma Nuttall

Emma Nuttall

Advice and Policy Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0021_Sarah Sweeny

Sarah Sweeney

Policy and Campaigns Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0020_Michelle Gavin

Michelle Gavin

Business Development Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0019_Samson Rattigan

Samson Rattigan BEM

Sussex Projects Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0018_Emma Bray

Emma Bray

Health Promotion Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0017_Ivy Manning

Ivy Manning

Community Engagement Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0015_Martha Ostick

Martha Ostick

Projects Coordinator
FFT-team_W250-_0008_Tommy Buck

Tommy Buck

Projects Coordinator

Maisie Lumsden

Engagement Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0013_Billie Dolling

Billie Dolling

Training Development and Administration Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0012_Suzanna King

Suzanna King

Finance Officer and Crystal's Vardo Director
FFT-team_W250-_0010_Angela Barnett

Angela Barnett

Lead Caseworker/Wellbeing CEW
FFT-team_W250-_0011_Rosie Fox

Rosie Fox

National Caseworker
FFT-team_W250-_0009_Jesse Bruce

Jessi Bruce

National Caseworker

Jonathan Jones

National Caseworker
FFT-team_W250-_0007_Sami McLaren

Sami McLaren

Senior Communications & Campaigns Officer
(Staff) Chris McDonagh

Chris McDonagh

Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0005_Mattey Mitchell

Mattey Mitchell

Health Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0004_Josie Garrett

Josie Garrett

Health Policy Coordinator
FFT-team_W250-_0000_Lucy Hetherington

Lucy Hetherington

Senior Communications & Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0003_Emma Whitcombe

Emma Whitcombe

Policy and Research Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0002_Ngawang Dhargyal

Ngawang Dhargyal

Finance Assistant
FFT-team_W250-_0001_Lena Stokes

Lena Stokes

HR and Administrative Officer
(Staff) Alice Young

Alice Young

Inclusion Health Officer
(Staff) Millie Cooper Reeves

Millie Cooper Reeves

Outreach Worker
(Staff) Pam Mitchell

Pam Mitchell

Outreach Worker
(Staff) Lulu Jones

Lulu Jones

Youth Intern

Debbie Luxon

Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0014_Victoria Gilmore

Victoria Gilmore

Policy and Project Worker
On Maternity Leave
FFT-team_W250-_0006_Maxine Lambert

Maxine Lambert

Traveller Education Teacher

Scarlett-Betsy Bobby Smith

Project Worker

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