Our Team

We have a professional team of staff who deliver our vision through outreach, advice and policy work, education and training, research and more. The work of our staff is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. At least half of our staff, interns and volunteers are Travellers.
FFT-team_W250-_0024_Sarah Mann

Sarah Mann

FFT-team_W250-_0023_Abbie Kirky

Abbie Kirkby

Policy and Public Affairs Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0022_Emma Nuttall

Emma Nuttall

Advice and Policy Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0021_Sarah Sweeny

Sarah Sweeney

Policy and Communications Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0020_Michelle Gavin

Michelle Gavin

Business Development Manager
FFT-team_W250-_0019_Samson Rattigan

Samson Rattigan BEM

Projects Coordinator
FFT-team_W250-_0018_Emma Bray

Emma Bray

Health Promotion Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0017_Ivy Manning

Ivy Manning

Community Engagement Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0016_Avril Fuller

Avril Fuller

Outreach and Youth Coordinator
FFT-team_W250-_0015_Martha Ostick

Martha Ostick

Engagement Worker and Project Officer

Maisie Lumsden

Engagement Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0013_Billie Dolling

Billie Dolling

Training Development and Administration Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0012_Suzanna King

Suzanna King

Finance Officer and Crystal's Vardo Director
FFT-team_W250-_0010_Angela Barnett

Angela Barnett

Lead Caseworker/Wellbeing CEW
FFT-team_W250-_0011_Rosie Fox

Rosie Fox

National Caseworker
FFT-team_W250-_0009_Jesse Bruce

Jessi Bruce

National Caseworker
FFT-team_W250-_0008_Tommy Buck

Tommy Buck

Projects and Policy Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0007_Sami McLaren

Sami McLaren

Senior Communications & Campaigns Officer
(Staff) Chris McDonagh

Chris McDonagh

Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0005_Mattey Mitchell

Mattey Mitchell

Health Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0004_Josie Garrett

Josie Garrett

Health Policy Coordinator
FFT-team_W250-_0000_Lucy Hetherington

Lucy Hetherington

Senior Communications & Campaigns Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0003_Emma Whitcombe

Emma Whitcombe

Policy and Research Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0002_Ngawang Dhargyal

Ngawang Dhargyal

Finance Assistant
FFT-team_W250-_0001_Lena Stokes

Lena Stokes

HR and Administrative Officer

Alice Jones

Inclusion Health Officer
FFT-team_W250-_0014_Victoria Gilmore

Victoria Gilmore

Policy and Project Worker
On Maternity Leave
FFT-team_W250-_0006_Maxine Lambert

Maxine Lambert

Traveller Education Teacher

Lulu Jones

Youth Intern

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