Our Team

We have a professional team of staff who deliver our vision through outreach, advice and policy work, education and training, research and more. The work of our staff is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers. At least half of our staff, interns and volunteers are Travellers.



Sarah Mann

(Staff) Zoe Matthews

Zoe Matthews


(Staff) Michelle Gavin

Michelle Gavin

Projects Manager

(Staff) Abbie Kirkby

Abbie Kirkby

Advice and Policy Manager (Job Share)


Emma Nuttall

Advice and Policy Manager (Job Share)

(Staff) Avril Fuller

Avril Fuller

Outreach and Youth Co-ordinator

(Staff) Sarah Sweeney

Sarah Sweeney

Communications and Health Policy Co-ordinator

(Staff) Marya Sadouni

Marya Sadouni

Community Support Worker


Charmaine Valler

Community Support Worker

(Staff) Samson Rattigan

Samson Rattigan

Outreach and Youth Worker

(Staff) Suzannah Woodward

Suzanna King

Finance Officer and Crystal's Vardo Director

(Staff) Shonge Holdgate

Shonge Holdgate

Finance Assistant

(Staff) Angela Barnett

Angela Barnett

National Caseworker

(Staff) Rosie Fox

Rosie Fox

National Caseworker

(Staff) Victoria Stallwood

Victoria Stallwood

Project Support Worker

(Staff) Ivy Manning

Ivy Manning

Health Improvement Wellbeing Worker and Community Engagement Worker for APPG

(Staff) Lucy Hethringhton

Lucy Hetherington

Communications Officer


Maxine Lambert

Traveller Education Teacher

Last updated Jul 4, 2018