Mobile Home and Caravan Rental Firms

We are aware of the following firms which rent mobile homes to residents on local authority Gypsy sites (there may be others). If you are eligible for Housing Benefit, you will probably be eligible for Housing Benefit to cover the rental of a mobile home.


Please note, this list is for information only. We do not endorse any of these firms.

  • Atchen Tan – Phone: 07780 471 452, Email: [email protected]
  • Cara-Sales – Renting and Selling Caravans to Gypsies and Travellers for over 30 years.”Our caravans are all double glazed and central heated with full winter packs. Customers are welcome to come and choose which van they like, if rent review from housing benefits approve they are eligible for payments then we supply the caravan direct. We also want to offer a cheaper and better service to customers on the initial payment which will cover delivery, siting and connection to water, gas and electricity. The customer pays one small fee and we take care of everything else. An after sales team will be on hand throughout the duration of the rental to repair and problems to the caravan which may occur” – Adam from Cara-Sales. Phone: 01482 633 750, Email: [email protected], Website:
  • Chevel Social Management – Email: [email protected], Phone: +44 (0)20 4502 1714, Website: Cheval Social Management
  • MPR Trailers/Caravans, Morris Robinson – Phone: 07508 399 167 / 01942 702648

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