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Traveller Education: Accounts of Good Practice

Publication type: Guide, Report

Author: Other

Themes: Discrimination, Education

This is a handbook for all schools that have Traveller pupils. It moves beyond the issues surrounding their low educational attainment and attendance in schools to outline good practice, based on proven success in schools. Chapters deal with principles of inclusion, meeting the needs of Traveller pupils, tackling access and attendance, supporting mobile pupils. The sectors are each considered: opportunities for early years education, resources at foundation and key stage 1, Literacy for All and other curriculum partnerships at key stage 2, good cross phase practice, overcoming the barriers to secondary students effectively. Other chapters are devoted to housed Travellers and supporting distance learning. The contributors are Arthur Ivatts; Brian Foster and Hilary Horton; Lucy Beckett; Claire Norris, Carol Ward and Sue Itzinger; Anne Jefford and Kate Stockdale; Kanta Wild-Smith; Lorna Daymond; Margaret Wood; Sue Green and Louise Stokoe; Barbara Blaney; Jim Donovan; Ken Marks; the Bucks METAS. Their professionalism and successful approaches are models for practitioners wanting to enhance the educational attainment of what is still the lowest achieving group in schools. The collection will be invaluable to everyone involved in the education of Traveller children, providers, trainers and workers in related fields.

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