Having Somewhere to Live: Language

Publication type: Guide

Author: Friends, Families and Travellers

Themes: Accommodation, Discrimination

Stopping places are called sites. Therefore, a site is a piece of land where a group of Gypsies or Travellers stop for either short or long periods of time. There are two different types of sites, authorised and unauthorised. An authorised site means either a private or council run site that has been granted temporary or permanent planning permission. An unauthorised site means a site that has no planning permission, whether it is owned by the Gypsies or Travellers themselves, a private landowner or public land owned by the council, The Forestry Commission, The Highways Authority, etc.. Site provision means those pieces of land available around the country on which Gypsies and Travellers can stop either temporarily or permanently. Because the needs of Gypsies and Travellers differ from people who live in houses, it is not referred to as housing needs, but accommodation provision.

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