Having Somewhere to Live: An Introduction to the Issues

Publication type: Guide, Resource Library

Author: Friends, Families and Travellers

Themes: Accommodation, Discrimination

Gypsies and Travellers have the same basic need for a safe and secure home as anyone else in our society. However, there are two major factors that distinguish Gypsies and Travellers from other communities. The first is that a Gypsy or Traveller’s home may not be fixed in one place or made of bricks and mortar. Instead, it may be a wagon, a caravan, a truck, a trailer or (in the old days) a tent. The second is that 18% of Gypsies and Travellers in the UK have nowhere legal they can put their homes. Being nomadic or being a Gypsy or Traveller doesn’t mean that you wander aimlessly about, but requires having places you can stop, whether for a short period of time (for example while carrying out seasonal work, travelling to fairs and festivals or visiting relatives) or on a more permanent base where you can stop for winter or where your children can attend school.

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