We travelled as a huge family; which would be my granny and granddad, my aunties and uncles, the ones that were married.

The boys would stay along with that family with their wives and kids and if the girl got married, well she’d go and stay with his family, that’s just how it goes.

So, it would be uncles and aunties and cousins, grannies and granddads, mum and dad, which was about 10-12 of us.

Marya Sadouni


Thurza Bushel l c1900
Thurza Bushel l c1900
Picture of the Penfold Family
Penfold Family
My grandmother was a top of the bill bareback rider in the circus, like a noble person in the travelling game.

But she was the matriarch, ruled the roost, tiny but fierce…She controlled the whole clan with a look or a word.

Leon Sky

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