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'English Travellers have travelled these roads for 500 years.'

If you’re born a Gypsy, a Romany Gypsy, you’re a Gypsy.

It’s quite plain as that… just because you settle down and there’s no other way you can do life now.

You’ve got to either be on a caravan site, a council site, which we all know is very far and few between, or you buy your own land and make your own site, which I did here.

Bill Newland

Picture of entrance to Bedelands site
Entrance to Bedelands
Picture of young girl at Horsdean Transit site
Destiny at Horsdean Transit site
We travel around because it’s what we’ve known all our lives; it’s what we’re brought up to... 

But in this day and age it is a lot harder for moving around because society has made it so much harder. Because everywhere we used to stay, which was perfectly ok say, 20 years ago, has been built on now.


English Travellers have travelled these roads for 500 years.

Now they have to find waste grounds, dumps, old yards, park under pylons…

With the 1968 Caravan Act, Travellers were led to believe that pitches and sites would be built with good facilities, but it never happened. In my opinion, the act was used to move a lot of Travellers into houses, scare them out of travelling; it made them lose their way.


Picture of man holding a framed newspaper clipping
Bill Newsland's newspaper clippings

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