New License Agreements on local authority Traveller sites

There were changes to the Mobile Homes Act 1983 (MHA) this year that bring the terms of the MHA into effect on local authority Gypsy and Traveller sites.

These changes have meant that local authorities are required to provide a proper written statement regarding the terms of the license agreement between the ‘Occupier’ (the Traveller living on the plot) and the ‘Owner’ (the local authority that own the site). If new agreements are being proposed that differ from the content of the previous agreement then there is an obligation for the local authority to consult the residents of the site on the changes – this only applies to the express terms of the agreement and not the implied terms. A license agreement sets the rules which both the people living on the plot and the local authority must abide by so it’s important that they’re right.

If you receive a new license agreement which the local authority is requiring you to sign and are unsure about any aspect of it then please either call our advice line 01273 234777 or call the Travellers Advice Team solicitors on 0121 685 8595.

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