@BasildonCouncil: drop £4.3m eviction charges against Dale Farm families

In October 2011, Basildon Council undertook a brutal forced eviction that left 83 families homeless and living on the roadside. Now Tony Ball, leader of Basildon Council, has told the families that he made homeless that they must pay the £4.3 million costs of the eviction.

Basildon Council knows that the families have no way of ever paying this sum and have publicly stated that they will seize the Dale Farm land, which has been owned by the families for over a decade, in lieu of costs. This amounts to a shocking land grab by Basildon Council: the Dale Farm families should not have to pay for Basildon Council’s misguided, confrontational and costly eviction strategy.

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Please sign the petition “@BasildonCouncil: drop £4.3m eviction charges against Dale Farm families” on Change.org.


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