The T Code

The T code enables Traveller families to take their children out of school when travelling.


There are three conditions to using the T code:


  • Your  child is a member of a Traveller community, including ethnic and occupational groups, such as Irish and Scottish Travellers, English and Welsh Gypsies, Roma, Showmen (fairground people), Circus people, Bargees and New Age Travellers.
  • Your  child has attended at least 200 sessions in any rolling 12 month period if they are over the age of six (one whole school day = two sessions).
  • You are travelling due to work and have agreed with the school in advance. This means you travel from place to place as part of a trade or business. You can, however, opt for dual registration, which means that your child is able to attend a different school whilst travelling and still retain their place at their ‘base’ school, the school the child has attended for the last 18 months.


When can the T code not be used?


  • It cannot be used to take your child out of school for reasons other than travelling for work. For example, to attend an event, including weddings and funerals. An alternative code will have to be used to authorise this type of absence.
  • It cannot be used when anyone other than the child’s parents is taking them travelling.


Things to bear in mind


  • The decision is ultimately at the discretion of the head teacher.
  • It does not mean that Traveller children are not expected to attend 380 sessions each school year.
  • You can be fined as a result of unauthorised attendance.
  • If agreed, the use of the T code should count as an authorised absence. This will still affect attendance, but you should not be fined.

Correct as of March 2024.

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