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d9c2ea6a29771ae5_640_scrap-metalThe London Gypsy and Traveller Unit have put together a simple Step by Step Guide that explains what steps individuals need to take to obtain their Scrap C Licence. 


Changes in the law mean that it is now a criminal offence to take payment for scrap metal in cash, only permitting electronic payment or payment by cheque. The fines given for key offences under the existing Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964 have also increased significantly. If you want to find out how changes in the law could affect you, visit the government website.

If you are involved in the scrap metal business you must:
  • have a Collector’s Licence for every local authority area you work in;
  • hold a Waste Carriers License;
  • have a Duty of Care Transfer Note (supplied free by the Environment Agency); and
  • register with the local authority in your area, whether you operate from a fixed location or travel around.

It is an offence if you do not follow these rules and you could face a fine.

For more information on the Waste Carriers License contact the Environment Agency on 0870 8506506 or visit their website.

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