Free Boiler Grants

Here you will find information about two schemes that offer grants for boilers.
The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a program in the UK to help people save energy in their homes. It helps reduce carbon emissions and supports people who struggle with high energy bills.

Steps to apply
  1. Check Eligibility:
    • Income and Benefits: Ensure you are in a low-income household or receiving certain benefits.
    • Boiler Age: Check if your boiler is more than 8 years old.
  2. Find an Approved Installer:
    • Look for a government-approved installer or energy company participating in the ECO scheme.
    • You can search online or contact your energy supplier for recommendations.
  3. Initial Contact:
    • Reach out to the approved installer or energy company.
    • You can usually start the process over the phone or through their website.
  4. Energy Assessment:
    • The installer will schedule a free energy assessment of your home.
    • During the assessment, they will check your current heating system and determine the energy efficiency improvements needed.
  5. Receive a Quote and Funding Information:
    • After the assessment, the installer will provide a quote for the necessary work.
    • They will also inform you about the amount of funding you are eligible for and any potential costs.
  6. Agreement and Installation:
    • If you agree to the terms, you can proceed with the installation.
    • The installer will schedule a date to install the new boiler or heating system.
  7. Completion:
    • Once the installation is complete, ensure you receive all necessary documentation and confirmation that the work has been done to standard.
Points to Remember
  • No Obligation: There is no obligation to proceed with the installation after the assessment if you do not wish to.
  • Non-Repayable Grant: The grant provided is non-repayable, meaning you do not have to pay it back.
  • Free Application Process: Applying for the ECO scheme is free.
Additional Resources
  • Government Websites: Visit the government website or find out if your local council are taking part in the scheme.
  • Energy Companies: Contact your energy supplier to see if they participate in the ECO scheme and can assist with the application.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme helps you get money to change from an old boiler to a new low-carbon heating system like a heat pump.

Steps to Apply
  1. Check If You Are Eligible:
    • You must own your home or be a private landlord.
    • Your current heating system should be a fossil fuel boiler (like gas or oil).
  2. Find an Approved Installer:
    • Look for a government-approved installer. You can find them online or ask for recommendations.
    • Approved installers know how the scheme works and will help you through the process.
  3. Initial Contact:
    • Contact the installer. You can usually start by calling them or visiting their website.
  4. Home Assessment:
    • The installer will come to your home to check your current heating system and see what needs to be done.
    • They will advise you on the best low-carbon heating system for your home.
  5. Get a Quote and Funding Information:
    • The installer will give you a quote for the new heating system.
    • They will also explain how much money you can get from the scheme.
  6. Apply for the Grant:
    • The installer will help you apply for the grant. They will handle most of the paperwork.
    • You need to provide some information and agree to the terms.
  7. Installation:
    • Once the grant is approved, the installer will set a date to install the new heating system.
    • The installation usually takes a few days.
  8. Completion:
    • After installation, the installer will check everything is working properly.
    • You will get all the necessary documents and information about your new system.
Things to Remember
  • Free to Apply: It costs nothing to apply for the scheme.
  • Grant Amount: The grant helps cover the cost, but you may still need to pay some money.
  • No Obligation: You are not forced to go ahead if you change your mind.
Where to Get More Information
  • Websites: See if you are eligible.
  • Ask Your Installer: Approved installers can answer your questions and guide you through the process.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the Friends, Families and Travellers helpline on 01273 234 777. We are open Monday to Friday10am to 4.30pm excluding bank holidays.

Correct as of June 2024.

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