Welfare benefits are changing. If you want to find out more about the help you may be entitled to, you can visit the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website for detailed information.

You may have recently received a letter asking you to switch from a Post Office account to a Bank Account to receive your benefits payments. If you have difficulties opening up a bank account, you can let your chosen bank know that the law on Basic Bank Accounts changed in September 2016. This means that banks now have to offer basic bank accounts (ones with no overdraft facilities) to anyone legally residing in the EU. The only exception is people who have criminal convictions for fraud. The new legislation took effect on 18th September 2016 and is set out in the EU Payment Accounts Directive. This also means that banks can no longer require you to provide utility bills before opening a basic account.

If you have any issues opening a bank account, please contact the Friends, Families and Travellers national helpline on 01273 234 777 and we will be happy to help out.


Last updated Jun 5, 2017