Advice for Boat Dwellers


If you are a Boat Dweller, you may want to read the British Waterways 2004 Mooring Guidance for Continuous Cruisers and the advice to Continuous Cruisers in light of the Mooring Guidance, by Kennet and Avon Boating Community. To find out more about the legislation that covers the waterways visit the Canal River Trust (the new name for British Waterways) website.

There are also a number of support groups offering advice and support for continuous cruisers who are experiencing difficulties due to the lifestyle:

Low Impact Life Onboard (LILO)
This website provides information about the eco-boating community in Britain. It gives details of campaigns and of boating communities (some of which are also listed below).

National Bargee Travellers Association (NBTA)
The NBTA is a not-for-profit organisation based in Berkshire and run by volunteers with the role of representing all Bargee Travellers in upholding their interests in pursuing their right to live a nomadic waterborne lifestyle.
E-mail: Secretary, Nick Brown,,
Tel: +44 (0) 7867 75 70 95
Fax:  +44 (0) 870 288 9520

Calderdale Boaters
This is a 20 boat moorings club on the Rochdale Canal around Hebden Bridge which aims to provide affordable moorings to club members. The Calderdale Boaters take an active role in permaculture projects along the canal and host events at their community space at Callis Mill.

London Boaters
London Boaters are a group of waterways dwellers who are developing agendas for radical change on London’s canals and rivers. They focus on the legislative issues that affect their lives and aim to advance viable alternatives to those that have adverse affects on the boating community. They meet monthly for a social and a discussion of current issues and future plans.
Tel: 07791976357

Kennet and Avon Boating Community

National Association of Boater Owners (NABO)
NABO is an organization which acts on behalf of private boaters on the waterways of the UK. They can address issues such as mooring restrictions and waterways legislation and licensing etc.
B31 2BR
Tel: 07989 441674

Travellers Advice Team (TAT)
TAT can be contacted for legal advice and representation for boat dwellers facing eviction.
Tel: 0121 685 8677

Residential Boat Owners’ Association
Boat dwellers on the coasts, rivers and canals of Britain. Includes articles, waterway issues, newsletter, membership information, and links.


Boaters Alert
British Waterways (BW) appears to be going ahead with local mooring strategies in other areas which it defines as “hotspots” before the pilot local mooring strategy on the Kennet and Avon Canal has even been drawn up and implemented. As far as we know, these areas are the Lee and Stort, Birmingham, the Macclesfield Canal and the Southern Grand Union.

Read more here.

Other Contacts

We have just begun to compile a list of boaters who would like to network to discuss some the issues affecting the boating community. They are as follows:

Julia Lally:



Paul Biddy:

If you would like your name adding to this list please email:

Last updated Aug 25, 2017