Supporting the Travelling Tradition: A report on the work of EFECOT in exploring the use of distance learning environments for children

Publication type: Report

Author: Other

Themes: Education

Abstract. The European Federation for the Education of the Children of Occupational Travellers (EFECOT) has been exploring the use of interactive courseware within a telematics framework, in order to strengthen supported distance learning for the large numbers of European Fairground, Circus and Bargee children who travel with their families and whose schooling experience is severely disrupted. This paper is a first attempt to collate and describe developments from four separate transnational projects. It draws from both internal, and publicly available, project documentation to explore evolving learning environments and emergent issues. In particular, there is a discussion of the parental role in home-based, mediated, settings, and an argument that an increased understanding of the potential of this role is central to effective user needs analysis and environmental design.

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