Kenny, the SAS and the Queen – Tales from the Trailers – by Robert Dawson


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Tales from the Trailers

Written by Robert Dawson

Illustrated by Stephanie Nicholas

Kenny has a rotten life and the worst mum in the world. So it’s a good job his best mate is a Traveller boy, Gary, especially when the SAS raid in the middle of the night and steal Kenny’s brother’s fishing maggots. Even Kenny’s mum finds the SAS a bit of a challenge. It’s a very strange situation and even the police can’t work it out. Then there’s war hero granddad, the panther, the Queen, the gardener’s job and lots of laughs. This would be a good choice for work in secondary schools with both Traveller and non-Traveller pupils with a higher than basic level of literacy who enjoy funny and fast-paced stories.

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