Why our work is needed

Gypsies and Travellers have been subjected to prejudice and discrimination for hundreds of years but the systematic closure of traditional stopping places through ditching, bunding and gating has resulted in the Traveller communities having nowhere to stop.

Thousands of Gypsies and Travellers experience the problems caused by this lack of authorised stopping places on a daily basis.

In 1995 working with the Public Law Project FFT secured an important judgement which has meant that local authorities have to take account of Travellers’ circumstances before evictions can take place, and in 2006 the Government issued a new Planning Circular requiring local authorities to take the accommodation needs of Gypsies & Travellers into account in their planning process.

But although some steps have been taken towards ending the prejudice and discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers the progress that has been made is under threat and much remains to be done.

Last modified: August 24, 2014