Publications available from FFT

Fire DVDFriend and Enemy: Caravan fire safety for Travellers.

Traveller Joe Jones talks to Kent Fire and Rescue Service about fire safety in trailers, both on the roadside and permanent sites. This DVD shows how to keep fire as our friend as well as what happens when it gets out of control and becomes an enemy. Produced by the Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Open Productions and the Canterbury Gypsy Support Group. Please call the office for a free copy (+P&P)

FFT’s Health and Wellbeing leaflets

These are leaflets with advice and information which are easy to read and will help people and their families. These leaflets can be downloaded for free or bought in bulk from FFT:

Bereavement: The death of someone close can be very hard. Here is some information to help you get through it.

Sleep: This is for people who have problems with their sleep

Full-colour 1 sheet A4 folded to A5 size printed on 140gsm silk finish, costs as follows:

100 copies = £90         90p/leaflet

200 copies = £130       65p/leaflet

500 copies = £210       42p/leaflet

Ordering Publications

Costs are inclusive of second class postage. Larger packages will be sent by parcel post unless otherwise requested.

.To order by cheque or invoice, rather than Paypal download the order form or phone 01273 234821 or email Suzanna at

You can also order these from our shop page.

Other FFT Publications and resources free to download:

  • How to Set up and run Gypsy Traveller Resident’s Groups, 2010.
    Download as PDF
  • Fair Access for all? Gypsies and Travellers in Sussex, GP Surgeries and Barriers to Primary Healthcare
    Download as PDF
  • Issues facing the Gypsy & Traveller Community which may be addressed by the establishment of self- help groups: A  Report by Friends, Families & Travellers (FFT), April 2010. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has provided FFT with funding to undertake an analysis of current casework files to identify suitable issues around which self help groups might be established, to provide an analysis of the resources needed and a rationale for the chosen options.
    Download Report here
  • Inequalities Experienced by Gypsy and Traveller Communities. Chris Whitwell, Zoe Matthews and Sally Burnett of Friends, Families and Travellers.
    Download the full report from the EHRC website.
Last modified: December 16, 2016